• The International Energy Program of the IEA
    The international agreement, originally dating back to 1974, between oil consuming countries on international cooperation, a joint crisis policy and the creation of the International Energy Agency.   
  • The EU Directive on security stocks (consolidated version)
    The EU Directive 2009/119/EC that fixes the EU obligations on security stocks for the member states.  
  • The Law of 26 January 2006 concerning the holding of compulsory stocks of oil and oil products and the creation of an agency for the management of a part of these stocks and modifying the law of 10 June 1997 in relation to the general regime, the holding of, circulation of and controls on products subjected to excise duties. (consolidated version – in French) 
    The law that determines the Belgian system of oil security stocks and created APETRA. 
  • Law of 13 July 1976
    The law which approved the International Energy Program and fixes the legal framework for the oil crisis policy. 
  • Royal decree of 19 December 2018 concerning the creation, composition, missions and working procedure of the National Oil Bureau (in French)
    The National Oil Bureau becomes active in case of a (imminent) oil crisis, advises the Minister of Energy and monitors the impact on the oil market. 
  • Royal decree of 5 February 2019 determining the measures in force during an oil crisis for the international and national allocation of oil and oil products and for a fair sharing of the available oil and oil products and determining the rules for the use of the compulsory stocks of oil and oil products. (in French) - Unofficial English translation