Here companies wanting to work with APETRA will find all our documents. Our different GT&Cs, documents to introduce a candidacy file for one of our framework agreements, the lists of APETRA partners. 

Documents for purchase and sale

Contractual clauses

Purchase Agreement

All information on the composition of a candidacy file, assessment of these files, tenders, etc.

GT&Cs for purchase

The APETRA General Terms and Conditions for purchase, version 2017.

Shortlist purchase

The list of selected Suppliers.

Documents for candidacy file

Candidacy letter purchase

Candidacy letter for purchase.

Documents for sales

GT&Cs for sales

The APETRA General Terms and Conditions for sales.

Documents for storage

Contractual clauses

Storage Agreement

All information on how we work, the contents of your candidacy file, the calls for tenders and our conditions.

GT&Cs for storage

The APETRA General Terms and Conditions for Storage 2019.

Shortlist storage

The list of selected storage companies under the 2017 Framework agreement for storage.

Documents for candidacy

Candidacy letter storage

Candidacy letter for storage.

Documents for CAPA

More information on the CAPA


The text of the CAPA.

Main principles CAPA

The main principles of the CAPA.

Documents for tickets

Contractual clauses

Specifications tickets

The full specifications APETRA/2022/2 concerning the framework agreement for disposition rights, including all annexes.  

Shortlist ticketsellers

The list of selected ticketsellers for the framework agreement APETRA/2022/2.

Documents for candidacy file

Ticket contract

The Framework contract for tickets to be signed.

Candidacy letter tickets

The candidacy letter for tickets.

Documents for ticket contract

Additional costs

Additional costs charges upon redelivery.

Documents for product change

Contractual clauses

Shortlist PRA

The APETRA shortlist for product replacement.

Framework agreement tickets

The framework agreement for tickets to be signed. 

Documents for candidacy

PRA candidacy

The specimen candidacy letter

Framework contract PRA

The framework contract PRA 2019 to fill out and sign.

Documents with financial information

Financial reports

Annual accounts

The APETRA 2022 annual accounts (in French).

Auditors' report

The report 2022 from the Auditors (in French).

Report Board of Directors

The 2022 report from the Board of Directors to the General Assembly (in French).