Operational partners

For recurring activities with the oil and storage sector APETRA operates by means of framework agreements. Here you will also find all information on our other activities and procurement procedures.

Purchase and sale

APETRA buys on a regular basis crude oil and middle distillates. These need to be delivered by our suppliers in the storage facilities that APETRA rents in Belgium and the neighbouring countries.


APETRA has aregular need for storage capacity in Belgium, but equally in the outlying EU Member states.


APETRA has developed a framework agreement in order to transform, in a crisis, crude oil into finished oil products, the Crude Against Product Agreement (CAPA).


Tickets are disposition rights on stocks of crude oil and finished oil products. These tickets give APETRA, in case of a supply crisis over the course of the contract, a purchase right on finished oil products.

Quality control

Contrary to commercial operators, APETRA stores its stocks for a long term.


The Product Replacement Agreement (PRA) is a contract which fixes the procedure to replace finished products owned by APETRA with new products.

Stock coverage

APETRA can legally accept delegations of management tasks of (a part of) a stockholding obligation for the benefit of another member state, its agency of a company (articles 7 and 8 of the EU Directive).  

Other tasks

As public entity APETRA works according to the law on public procurement.