The Product Replacement Agreement (PRA) is a contract which fixes the procedure to replace finished products owned by APETRA with new products.


APETRA can launch a call for tenders for the delivery of stored product and delivery of new product that meets the same or a different specification. This replacement operation is undertaken by APETRA's partner against a fee which covers all costs for delivery and redelivery. The difference in stock coverage by APETRA caused by the difference between the delivered but not yet redelivered volume is covered by the partner, if requested by APETRA in the specifications of the specific replacement operation. This coverage may consist of a property title on another product of the partner or a ticket with bank guarantee on a replacement volume. Products need to be refreshed when a new specification is imposed or when a quality analysis indicates its need.

Product replacement is needed regularly, because APETRA stored a lot of its stocks segregated. Selected partners have thus regular business opportunities.

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